About Leader411

Leader411 was created by John Ross. He created it because he loves business and wants to help others. That’s why he writes, to help improve the workplace.

John Ross is a professor, author, speaker, successful entrepreneur and consultant. He’s won awards and been recognized for teaching, presenting and consulting. It’s been a long road to get here and there’s a long road ahead, but he’s enjoyed the journey.

He started off as a 7th grade history and English teacher. He taught for 2.5 years and had a great time. He learned a lot, but knew it he wasn’t meant to be a 7th grade teacher forever. He turned down other opportunities until one came up that felt right, so he switched jobs.

His next job was as a musical event producer. This job was as amazing as it sounds. He specialized in New York and DC. This was an incredible opportunity that taught him a lot of important life lessons. He worked with great people, but alas, this wasn’t a forever job either.

Two jobs with small businesses led him to attempt growth at a Fortune 100 company. His next job was with Lockheed Martin. He started in their Operations Leadership Development Program. He loved this job and had wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Lockheed is a people company. He met absolutely wonderful people and his career grew rapidly. In fact, it was here his research on Unity began. After several years, he felt it was time to move on. After talking to a TCU management professor friend, it was clear his next move was to be a professor.

After four years at New Mexico State University, John earned his PhD in management and is currently employed at Indiana University’s Southeast campus where he has been for several years. He teaches leadership, entrepreneurship and strategy. He researches and publishes mostly on teams, unity and hope. Being a professor is his dream job…for now at least.

Leader411 is a creative outlet for John. He loves business. It is his hobby as well as his career. Feel free to reach out to him for speaking engagements, consulting, advice or just to talk about business at John at Leader411.com .